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Poetry: It's the Unseen, Unheard Monsters
 lizabethrose - (wildebeth)
06:57pm 02/07/2006
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I'm working on the title to this (a leftover from an earlier revision), but it is definitely one of my favorites so far.

It’s the Unseen, Unheard Monsters

Something startles me awake.
I think it’s the silence.
I lie still, waiting
for something to happen:
the movement of the bed, the air;
the sound of breath; a murmur
of the wind.

I don’t feel your breath on my neck.
I turn toward the sound, reach
to lay my hand on your back for reassurance.
I imagine your skin prickles,
and you draw in a deep breath, released
on a sigh.

I keep my hand on you
(your skin is warm now),
stare into the shadows,
the tiny green light
that beacons on the ceiling, wait
for the red blink to know
the batteries are working.
Tiny red flash--we will be warned
before we burn.

Written for Poetry, Spring 2006
Revised at Workshop, Summer 2006
tags: poetry
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