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 lizabethrose - (wildebeth)
09:44pm 10/12/2005
Beth posting in Writing - Poetry, Short Fiction, Personal Essays,
Hi, all.

This community was created by me to house my writing. It gets to be tedious, searching for stuff I've posted on LJ; plus, I feel I spam a lot of folks who really couldn't care less about my often pathetic attempts at writing.

If you do care, are interested, or just want to be included in case you might be in the future, please join this community.


I will occasionally surprise or gift a member with something written especially for them. Also, I will take requests on a case-by-case basis for something very small (such as a poem or one shot piece with a prompt from you). Please only request something if I know you very well, or if I specifically ask for inspiration.

Last stipulation for requests: please be patient. I work full-time hours, am a full-time student, full-time girlfriend, as well as someone who is working toward starting graduate school in Spring of '07. I am prolific occasionally, but I have dry spells like normal people.

All I ask is that you be kind. Rude responses to me or another member will result in swift banning. If someone else is rude, let me deal with it first. Then you can have at it. ;)

I really want to keep up with this, so here goes!
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